The Norse Way

The Norse Way – Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility programme called The Norse Way is at the core of what we do. It helps us to create financial and social value by enhancing our competitive advantage and building stronger relationships with stakeholders.

The Norse Way is designed to promote staff wellbeing and help strengthen local communities. It’s a positive and determined ethical stance and applies to us all – regardless of where we work.

We encourage staff to take an interest in the environment, by supporting Walk to Work Day in April, World Environment Day in June and office workers take part in our annual Norse Tidy Up in September which has grown dramatically in size in just three years. We target staff wellbeing through our annual New Year Challenge and Wellbeing Week in June and by marking Stress Awareness Day in November.

We are working collaboratively within the Group to further embed our Norse Way corporate social responsibility programme and encourage our staff to contribute to its success. The other strand of our strategy is the use of our Community Fund, which allows staff to apply for sponsorship for clubs and causes close to them or their families and engage in community activities.

It applies to every part of the Group and is designed to offer a balance of benefits to society, to individuals, and our business – all underpinned by our Norse Group values:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Trust

Our approach focuses on key areas which we believe could have a long-term impact in terms of our business and society.

  • Supporting older people
  • Wellbeing and obesity
  • Local regeneration
  • Employment and youth opportunity
  • Future skills and employee development
  • Environmental management
  • Customer trust and business transparency

Every business within the Norse Group will activate this in a way that is meaningful to them, their customers, and their local area.